Tennis Bug Smash
Are you ready for an amazing action shooting adventure? Want to take part in an epic battle against gigantic flies and train your target shooting skills? Please, welcome - Tennis Bug Smash funny sports simulator mixed up with insects smashing game and sniper shooter is here to entertain you! Forget about classic antistress applications like destroy tv or destroy phone. Even beat the boss series can’t help you to relax and cheer up so much as Tennis Bug Smash can!

HOW TO PLAY: Tennis Bug Smash is a cool mix of bug smasher game and tennis ball game! In this ball shoot game you´ve got to stop the bugs invasion, using a tennis racket! Feel like a bug inspector shooting target! If you are a fan of tennis ball bounce, smash annoying bugs and butterflies! It´s a real sports game fight right in your device. This tennis match is a really important one - watch bug in panic and prevent the bug invasion! Tennis Bug Smash has classic controls: slide the screen to adjust the shooting trajectory. After the first shoot a bug gets hurt, shoot twice to kill it.

Tennis Bug Smash features:
- Cool sports simulation game mixed up with target shooting game and destruction games;
- High quality cartoon-like graphics;
- Exciting game for kids and adults.

Try the new Tennis Bug Smash - the most exciting tennis game ever!