Epoch Of The Atlantes
Take part in the legendary battle of Atlantes!

Be it a swordsman or an axeman, your hero is going to be a legend! Choose your equipment and pick a name. Your titan can have a short sword, a long one, an axe, a shield, and a helmet. Your hero can also pick a pet: a dragon, a hydra, a hell-hound, a tiger or a panther. Each one of the pets has its own skill, but only one pet can take part in a battle.

Track your hero's essential parameters: Force, Health, Luck, Armor, and Energy, and make sure yours are higher than your enemy's. Health points regenerate automatically with time.

Do a campaign and kill the monsters on your way, or pick from the arenas:
Valley Of The Immortal (defeat hordes of the immortal)
Coliseum (compete with the others)
King Of The Immortal (stand against the strongest of the immortal)
Clan Tournament (join a clan or found a new one to compete with the others)
Ancient Altars
Duels (win a 1x1 fight).