Cats Joy 3 - Tap And Catch
When a CAT PLAYS, every BRITTLE THING and FURNITURE are IN DANGER. The FLUFFY FIDGET pushes aside all obstacles. Cats Joy 3 - Tap And Catch app will be the credible PROTECTOR of your PROPERTY and an endless source of games for your CAT! 

The app contains a lot of GAMES specially for your FAMILY PETS.
- Choose preferable background;
- Select a funny toy for a pet;
- Leave your pet to play alone, or join it;
- Compete with your cat and see, who's faster!

REALISTIC GRAPHICS and AMAZING SOUND EFFECTS make Games For Cats 3 app really ATTRACTIVE for pets.

Games For Cats 3 app key FEATURES:

- Various toys to play with (mouse, butterfly, spider, ladybug, fish, leaf and wrapper);
- Nice, calm backgrounds and design;
- Realistic sound effects (rustle, squeak, buzzing);
- Additional backgrounds and toys in the game shop;
- Exciting competition with your kitten;
- Table of scores and achievements;

Games For Cats 3 app gives cats an opportunity to play all day long, and be happy!