Free To Play Games is an entertainment media company. We create top-quality applications to provide users with well done and interesting games in 2D and 3D graphic for smartphones and tablets. We work with the most popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone in order make our games available for every user. When we say «games for everyone», we really mean it: our games account for all tastes and are suited for everyone – kids, teens and adults alike. We make our games universally available – you are getting almost all of them absolutely for free - that's why we are called "Free To Play Games". We provide 3D and 2D games of different genres: arcades, various kinds of action games (shooters, runners, fighters);  board games that include a large collection of card games, cool games for kids and for the whole family, simulators, racing games, puzzles etc. All you need to do is to choose from the wide variety of the genres and games for everyone or just try every app if you're so overwhelmed you don't know what to pick up next or haven’t yet determined what your favorite genre is.

Everyone needs to relax in some way after the daily routine and to avoid stress. Some like to go in for sports, others – to watch TV or to go out with friends. But there is one more unique group of people – gamers. They can play 3D and 2D games from time to time or every day for different reasons: to cope with the stress and blow off some steam, to have fun or just to kill time. But all of them want to play high-quality games with exciting plot. No matter what type of device they use this rule stays inviolable. We always keep this in mind and our main goal is to make our apps qualitative. Everybody remembers that feeling from childhood when you are eagerly waiting for something:  for a weekend to visit a zoo with parents, for a birthday party or just for the day when you'll get a new toy. Gamers are still children in their souls. So realizing how strongly sometimes they are longing for a new exciting game to come out, we are doing our best to make sure our collection of games keeps growing constantly. We like the process of creating games, we are proud of the result and we want to share it with the largest possible number of like-minded people - those who also find gaming amazing. Play our 3D and 2D games and have fun!

We are open to any discussions and suggestions, we are waiting for your feedback. Thank you for choosing us!